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Sunday, 31 May 2015

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How to Buy Fake ID Online - Know Which Sites to Trust and Ones to Avoid

Buying Fake Identification / Fake Drivers Licenses Online

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Here you'll find some information about fake identification and where to reliably buy convincing fake IDs on the internet. If you have experience ordering false ID through a fake ID site, please let me know of your experience so I can add/update your info to my site. You can contact me at alley.beech (at) and let me know if you 1) received the product you ordered, if it was Good/Bad, shipping times, quality of the ID cards, and so on.

Trusted Sites:

There are only few fake ID card producers online with a good reputation and well established history of making and shipping good fake license / fake ID cards that look real and have a high quality level by using the expensive printers, holograms, overlays, laminators, magnetic stripe encoders and barcode rendering machines... the same equipment as that used by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and large corporations.

The four most TRUSTED Fake ID sites are:

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SCAM Sites (Avoid these! You can tell they are a scam just by looking at the shoddy websites and the almost 10 year old obsolete "Samples" they offer on their sites!):

The worst places supposedly offering ID are a network of various scam sites connected to or run by 'underground-review', 'fakeidreview' and ukfakeidreview. These include, 21overnight, dofake, uk-id, makefakeidclub, and most of the sites listed at These sites are run by a Russian fraudster with shady payment links mainly via western union wire transfers to places like Pakistan and Cyprus. This fraudster pays other criminals a portion to collect your hard earned money and return nothing to you. These sites either don't even say where they are based, and have no physical mailing address, or if they do it is somewhere half way around the world from which they have no desire to send you your fake ID card as expected. Underground review and all of the sites 'reviewed' on it are all scams owned and run by underground-review -- and they will not make you a fake ID or send you anything at all. A Big Waste Of Money. Avoid!

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More reviews of your own? Email me at
alley.beech (at)